Liteon SHW 165PS

If you scroll down on this PDF, they have the liteon.

Is it the same as the SHM-165P6S model that Cdfreaks reviewed? Is there a difference between SHW and SHM?

I want to buy one but I’m not sure if it does all the same things like Lightscribe etc.

u can go here and check out the differences.

good luck

There is no LiteOn model called “SHW-165P6S”, so they have made a mistake in their listing. It’s probably a SHM-165P6S but that’s only a guess.

The SHM-165P6S can do all the normal CD/DVD burning as well as burn DVD-RAM. It doesn’t support LightScribe, however.

For LightScribe support you need an SHM-165H6S.

Ahh ok. Thanks for the replies. I am going to ring them up tomorrow anyways and get all the info on it.

I want a liteon for the error scanning but im not buying a drive just for that. If it has lightscribe then its worth it.