LITEON SHW 1653S that will not recognise a CD-ROM

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Nice to meet you all. I have a problem I suspect that one of you will know the answer to, point me to the answer on the forum, but please help! :bow:

The problem is I have a LITEON SHW 1653S that will not under any circumstances recognise a CD-ROM, Music CD but DVDs are OK (Read and Write). I have upgraded to the latest firmware YS0Z but if I put in a CD-Rom or a music cd the drive appears empty. I have used SmartBurn Info and the drive is NO MEDIA. When I put in a CD-ROM it appears to takes ages to read the disc.

Please can anyone help I am going crazy!!! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

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Your drive has two laser lens. One for DVD, the other for CD. Usually when this happens it means the CD lens is dead!!! And there is nothing you could do to make it alive again.
try your drive in an other computer. If it still doesn’t work, either you RMA it or … you trash it.

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You said:

When I put in a CD-ROM it appears to takes ages to read the disc.

My question is: is at the end the disc recognized or not?

Do you have problems also with pressed discs or only with burned ones?

Have you tried booting with your OS CD in the drive?

If that doesn’t work, bichonn may be right about the CD laser being dead :frowning:

Sorry it’s been so long, but I took your advice (bichonn) and returned my unit to the shop where it was bought (I only got it last Christmas). The shop tested it and replaced the unit for a new Lite-On SHM-165P6S :cool:

Thanks for all your help and a big :flower: to you all.

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You got a great deal there :bigsmile: