LiteOn SHW-160P6S /w PV96 or PS0B doesn't detect RW-media


I’ve got a strange problem.

My LiteOn SHW-160P6S with both firmware versions tested PV96 or PS0B doesn’t detect rw-media at all.

It always detects -R/+R media, but no rewriteable discs.

I guess it has got something to do with bitsetting, because blank rw-media can be written. But when I want to write on the dics for the second time, it is detected only as -R/+R.

Please help me guys!! :confused: :bow:

With ImgBurn it’s possible to erase the discs, so it seems to be a problem with Nero…

Anyway: If anyone has got a hint for me, then you’re welcome! :wink:

well thanks!.. none of the software i use for writing was able to either write or erase dvd+rws or dvdrws. Img burn does the trick… i wonder what the problem is tho… with nero or alcohol :expressionless: