Liteon shw 160p6s (Lite-On DVD RECORDER DVD+-R RW)

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVD RECORDER DVD±R RW. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Can anyone let me know if theres a patch for this recorder lite on shw 160p6s witch it won’t burn memorex 8x dl dvd’s i already installed it’s newest firmware but no luck or is theres a way to fix with media code speed edit thanks.

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The only way to fix issues with Memorex DL media is to not buy these discs :bigsmile:

Getting serious, too bad currently only Verbatimn produces reliable DL discs. All other brands have a hugely variable quality, from ugly to rather decent (and memorex is on the ugly side of the range :doh:)

Another thing: the liteon 160p6s is not exactly a recent drive (even if it is not too old), so maybe another good idea is to get a more recent drive for DL discs (like a Pioneer 116 for example)

Thanks for the reply i figuered it out in how to make this model recognize your memorex 8x disks and burn. tested and worked perfectly i said what the hell if it does not work i’ll buy a differnt brand i downloaded ps0b firmware opened it up with media code speed edit and opened up a differnt firmware from another lite on model from one that i had before that had no problem reading memorex 8x disks dl compared where it says [B]type [/B]find [B]dvd+r9 [/B]and look for [B]ritek[/B] now double click the one that has this name [B]ritek so4-066[/B] on top its going to say select a media to replace [B]ritek s04-066[/B] your going to replace it for [B]s04-001 [/B]a warning sign will pop up press yes or ok and save bin. flash it with xflash and your done theres no problem with flashing it back again just in case but take no responsability just letting the people who had the same problem get life out of there recorder.if anything i will be glad to help.

Yes this does work I had the same trouble with tdk disks of the same code.I did it with f/w code psoc,while it did finally burn the disk the 2nd layer quality was poor according to nero CDF/DVD drive speed but they did look ok on my home dvd player didn’t notice any freezing at the break at all.Was burned at 6x and it was the 2nd disk done since the flash.Hopefully it will learn a bit more and quality will get better with any luck.So good luck and happy burning to all!!