Liteon SHW-160P6S & DH20A4P slow to read... Why?



It’s puzzling:

Occasionally I am able to get a decent data verification speed in Nero after burning a CD with these two drives but most of the time it seems to be slow as molasses, hovering around 1 or 2x but going no faster. I know it’s possible for these drives to verify well over 32X if they feel like it, so I would like to know what the problem may be. I also experienced this when using CDex to extract .wav’s from a CDR. It’s just really really slow, in both drives.

All of the DVDR I burn don’t have this problem on verify, it’s only the CDs & the CD’s are usually TY’s - but I have also had this problem with Ritek branded. Those are the only two brands I use.

Whatever could be the problem? According to nero infotool the DMA is on, and the ASPI is installed and working correctly.

Thanks for your help.


anyone? :confused:


If you take these discs and do a TRT on them, do they do a normal high-speed reading curve?


No, and the results are rather strange.

I think I have gotten a bad batch or two from Sam’s Club…


It could be the version of CD-DVD Speed you are using. Looks like an old one. Try upgrading to the current Nero DiscSpeed and see if that helps.


Check to make sure you have an 80-conductor IDE cable as well as DMA turned on. Remove any IDE drivers from chipsets such as nVidia, ATI, etc., and use M$'s own.