Liteon SHOW 1673S, How can I write CD-R at 2X?



I need write Cd-R at 2x, I have a Liteon DVDRW SHOW 1673S firmware v.JS07, is it possible to change the write speed of this device?. The current minimum speed for CD-R are 8X.


why u need x2 CD-r ? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Because a have to make a test for write special data file


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Can’t Burn at 2X. Not supported.
Lowest burning speed of almost current burners are 8X.


Agreed. Seems like everybody is forgetting about the “cool” CD-R writing speeds, and ust improving the DVD-R.
All I can say is that the SOHW-1693S’s minimum CD-R write speed is 8x.