LiteOn SHM-165PS no longer reads DVD after FW update

At the suggestion of a local computer repairman, I downloaded the latest firmware for my LiteOn SHM-165PS ie: MSOR to replace MSOF.

After burning a Type 5 DVD the drive would not read the DVD it just burned.

I’d switch back to the original MSOF, but I cannot locate that release anywhere. In my searches I saw one comment that certain firmware relleases renders DVD reading inoperable. hard to believe, but … maybe.

Does anyone have any other suggestions … please?

Over the past hour I got to thinking and realized that I had not given all the info a post of this sort should have, plus, I’ve learned a few things since then.

First, this is on a Win-XP-SP3 system, Asus board, 2.93 Pentium-4, 2 G RAM that I built and that has been totally bullet proof … no exceptions.

Second, I found that the drive had stopped reading only data disks … it played a video VOB file just fine both in VLC player and Power DVD … interesting.

Third, I took the “bad” disk to a friend who has three computers in his house … they all read it just fine.

Lastly, I thought back to anything I had changed or has seen change in the system recently and narrowed it down to changing “Autoplay” to not bug me about what it should do with each disk.

I changed the Autoplay for “Mixed Content” to ask me each time and that did not initially work, but after a re-boot … it now seems to … go figure.

So … I’m not sure at all that I’ve found the problem, but, for now, the drive is reading data disks again.

I hope I didn’t cause anyone to spend any time on this and my apologies for writing before I had exhausted ALL possibilities.