Liteon SHM 165P6S



I recently bought this drive and it was taking me 2 hours to write a 700meg avi file to DVD so i browsed the the liteon site and upgraded the firmware to MSOR now im getting the green flashing light and its appearing as a CD ROM drive and not reading anything. I know there are some other threads on this problem but i have not found a soloution and dont understand all of it but why has this happened as i took the file from the official site and it was for the right model? is there a way of easily rolling back the firmware?


I had a look at your eeprom data. The checksum is corrupted, which can be fixed the the Eeprom Utility. You find the “Repair Checksum” button in the “Checksum” tab.


Thanks for that its back to where it was before but still taking an hour and a half to write a file to DVD and on the IDE channel properties they are set to DMA any other possibilities for the slow time any suggestions are welcome as im probably doing something obvious wrong, thanks for the first soloution though.


What media are you using ? Use DVD Identifier or Nero CD-DVD Speed to produce a report about the media.
Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, you need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. It should display about 23 MB/sec.
Check the DMA settings of your source and target drive. You need to have at least UDMA2.


Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:RICOHJPN-R03-004]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD+R]
Manufacturer Name : [Ricoh Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [RICOHJPN]
Media Type ID : [R03]
Product Revision : [004]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4.70 GB (4.38 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x , 6x-16x]

[ DVD Identifier V5.0.1 - ]

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information

Operating System Windows XP
Firmware Version MS0R
Serial Number
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 3.86 GB

Transfer Rate

Start 6.69x
End 15.48x
Average 11.69x
Type CAV

Seek Times

Random 103 ms
1/3 111 ms
Full 165 ms

CPU Usage

1X 13 %
2X 12 %
4X 33 %
8X n/a


Burst Rate 27101 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 1.33 sec
Spin Down Time 4.84 sec

Load/Eject Times

Load Time 1.67 sec
Eject Time 1.84 sec
Recognition Time 12.84 sec


Time Elapsed Action
[13:35:19] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[13:39:47] 4:28 Speed:7-15 X CAV (11.69 X average)
[13:39:47] Starting Seek Times Test
[13:39:57] Random Seek: 103 ms
[13:40:08] 1/3 Seek: 111 ms
[13:40:25] 0:38 Full Seek: 165 ms
[13:40:25] Starting CPU Usage Test
[13:40:41] CPU usage at 1X: 13 %
[13:40:56] CPU usage at 2X: 12 %
[13:41:12] CPU usage at 4X: 33 %
[13:41:34] 1:09 CPU usage at 8X: n/a
[13:41:34] Starting Burst Rate Test
[13:41:36] 0:02 Interface burst rate: 26 MB/sec (27101 KB/sec)
[13:41:36] Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[13:41:42] Spin-up time: 1.33 seconds
[13:41:57] 0:21 Spin-down time: 4.84 seconds
[13:41:57] Starting Load/Eject Test
[13:41:59] Eject time: 1.84 seconds
[13:42:00] Load time: 1.67 seconds
[13:42:13] 0:16 Recognition time: 12.84 seconds

hope this is the right info. thanks again


Burst rate of 27 MB/s and max read speed of 15.5x are fine. So if burning a DVD takes 30 minutes, you either selected 2x write speed or your hard disk or a online virus scanner is the bottleneck. Look here for instructions on how to test the hdd.


HDD’s are set to UDMA5 and the writer is set to UDMA2 when i look in device manager also


Still measure the hdd’s read performance. HDD and burner need to be on a different ide bus.


I definately selected max write speed and its taking nearer to two hours to make the DVD and i have no virus scanner installed. I currently have the OEM version of Nero i will grab the full version with burning rom and then get back to you later on.


Yeah they are on seperate cables my HDD’s are on the same cable.


c:\ 32140 kb/s 5456mb free
d:\ 39083 kb/s 9112mb free
f:\ 72052 kb/s 111862 mb free


Hi, - Avi to DVD? Surely you’re transcoding the video in NeroVision? Output to the Image Recorder or Hard Disk Folder first, only then burn to disc. Check this similar thread:


All these values are fine, try to burn a disk again.


still the same taking nearly 2 hours, i think the transcoding could be the problem as the preview is extremely jerky. What is the soloution for this i did browse the other thread but couldnt make much sense of how to do what it said. once again thanks for all help.


Just before you hit Start or Burn (I don’t have NeroVision installed, so can’t make a screenshot for you), you’ll be able to choose where to output the resulting DVD to. Do not select your Lite-On burner here, but save to hard disk first (either as a single “image” file with the Image Recorder or as a set of DVD-Video files ready for burning (AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders)). Once you have done this, you can then burn the result to disc (select Burn Image or DVD-Video in Nero Express according to your previous choice).


When i try and save it to either of these options it takes exactly the same amount of time. There has to be something blatantly obvious i am missing here?


Yes of course it takes the same amount of time, your processor is working at 100% load to transcode that avi-file into a set of dvd-files :wink: . At least now you’ll be able to BURN your disc at proper speed (8X, 12X, 16X or whichever you choose), in stead of making a poorly burned DVD at ~1X speed with buffer underruns :frowning: . Transcoding and burning are two totally different operations that should never be performed simultaneously :disagree: .


ok mate thanks for all the help at least i undersdtand how it works now.


No problem! Of course, if your DVD player can play avi files (DivX, XviD, etc.), you can just burn the original file to a Data DVD (not a Video DVD) and watch it (no need to transcode then)…