Liteon shm 165p6s problem

I have recently installed a liteon shm 165p6s drive after my old 411s gave up.The new drive is locked on region 4 the same as my 411s,i have any dvd installed which should make the drive region free.I have a copy of downfall which is region 2 but the new drive will just lock up when this disk is inserted.My 411s would play this disk quite ok.Apart from that problem the new drive works fine.
I have the original firmware installed.would appreciate any help .
Regards jamesr

all you need to do is get a Kprobe and make it region Free!!

then using Region killer to fool the windows system then you can play your Multi region DVD!!

you could use LtnRPC set to RPC1,you can found it in this thread,

thanks for your replys to my problem,I flashed the drive to the latest firmware and it solved the problem.
Regards jamesr

Where did you find the latest firmware for it? May I know?

The liteon site
Regards jamesr

Thanks for the link.