LiteOn SHM-165P6S MS0R scans and discussion thread

This thread is for the displaying of results and to discuss the new LiteOn SHM-165P6S firmware MS0R.

When showing scans please provide the media brand, burn speed and also a transfer rate test would be appreciated.

Don’t forget DVDScan for jitter scanning and the enhanced version of SmartBurn to enable OHT (Online HyperTuning, like WOPC).


BenQ DAXONAZ3, burned @ 16x, HT/OS/OHT: Off

:eek: My best burn ever of this media. See others here:

This is drive number 2 of three I have and this firmware has made a significant improvement to this particular drive.

Interestingly, even though I turned HT off the drive appeared to still use HT as the led did the double flash. :confused:

Sony SONYD21, burned @ 16x, HT/OS/OHT: Off, Drive #3

Sony SONYD21, burned @ 16x, HT: On OS/OHT: Off, Drive #3

Verbatim -R 16x ( MCC 03RG20 ) burned at 16x HT,OS on.

A little slow but good quality.

Verbatim MCC004 (ProDisc), burned @ 16x, HT: On OS/OHT: Off, Drive #3

damn that’s good quality for a “match more media” f/w. c’mon liteon where’s my 165h6s hs0f? lol

hey what were the leadin times for that mcc03rg20?

Verbatim MCC 03RG20, burned @ 16x, HT: On OS/OHT: Off, Drive #3

Leadin time: 1:02

Is the MS0R firmware read-speed locked to 12x in the same way as earlier non-test firmwares?
(i.e. for media codes that cannot be burned at 16x)

:iagree: :frowning: But the RS patch seems to work fine. :slight_smile:

Should be #SHM-165P6S.

Please feel free to remove this post aftwer fixing the link. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :flower: Fixed.

weird my 1635s has a leadin of 35sec for mcc03rg20

DigiTank 8X DVD+R
Imgburn burn @ 6X

a long lead-in, 57secs. With MV9N, I’ve managed to finish the lead-in around 42sec.

cd-r king 8X DVD+R
Media ID NANYARJB. In fact, it’s a 4X media id.
OHT on, others off
Imgburn burn @ 6X

I would say something strange happened.
After using :bow: Code’s EEPROM_Utility :bow: “Reset HyperTuning”, and Liteon SMARTBURN-3.1.16t “clear OPC history”.
Guess what? I’ve managed to shorten lead-time down to 26secs! I’ll burn some more MCC003/MCC004 to verify it.

The leadin time for the MCC 03RG20 burn was 1:03. I hope that this is so long by the first burn and reduces in next.

165P6S; MS0R; All On; +R set to ROM
IMATION - CMCMAG M01 +R x16 @ x16

Verbatim 16x -R ( MCC03RG20 ) burned at 16x HT,OS on

Leadin time: 57s

Quality: 0-4GB good, 4GB-end crap.

Lite-On SHM-165P6S MS0R
Verbatim 8x @ 12x MCC003 MII
Leadin 44 Sec

Lite-On SHM-165P6S MS0R
Verbatim 16x MCC03RG20 MII
Leadin 1.04 Min