LiteOn SHM-165P6S MS0P scans and discussion thread

LiteOn 165P6S Firmware MS0P with HT/OS/OHT support.

Use this thread for discussions and displaying of scans (not the test firmware thread).


Thanks to Codename89 for the heads up on this one. :flower:

Verbatim MCC004, 16x branded, burned @ 12x, OHT (6:37)

I’d like to see the jitter lower. The dip in the TRT scan was caused by other activity on my system.

Verbatim MCC03RG20, -R, @16X, SB/HT/OHT On

The effective writing took 60s to begin.

Verbatim MCC004 16x burned @ 16

Kosh, nice burn. :slight_smile: I forgot the drive can burn like that with HT turned off. :bigsmile:

165P6S - #1
MS0P - All On
Verbatim - MCC004 +R @ x16

  • agrees with CodeKing, jitter is a bit high

Sony 16x DVD+R, SONY D21 @16x,
Sony DW-G120A @ SHM-165P6S MS0P (USB connected)
see (1st burn)
and (2nd burn)


@Codeking: thank you for having quoted me in first post… :flower:

@bichi: very good burn! :eek:

Verbatim MCC004, burn@16x, burn time 5:57 SB/HT/OHT activated. Very good PIE, but PIF are higher than precedent burn… :frowning:

LITEON 165P6S Firmware MSOP with HT/OS/OHT Off

Could someone tell me how to shrink the jitter graph when I post it.

I figured it out myself. Here is the resized jitter graph for the former post.

TDK branded Yuden T03 @16x
Anything OFF except Smartburn. These discs written on my Benq scan nearly identical (See Here) :slight_smile: And even the Benq scan looks rather pretty:) First consequences of the Benq/Liteon merger?

Verbatim DLP 16x DVD+R MIT (possibly CMC) MCC 004 @16x
Ouch! :Z

Another Verbatim MCC004, burn @16x, the third with SB/HT/OHT enabled. Look at the PIE spikes near the end of the disc. :confused:

RicohJPNR01 @ 4x, Disable Smart Burn, Force HT, Overspeed, Online HT (everything checked off in 3.1.16t) ; burned in DVD Decrypter.

nice to see :wink: and here a tip. copy the active window by using Alt+Print Scrn keys

A Verbatim DVD+R 16x burned @ 16x.

Not bad !! :smiley:

@German: SB/OS/HT/OHT were enabled or disabled?

Verbatim MCC 003 (CMC made) 8x from a 100 pack, burned at 8x - Disable Smart Burn, Force HT, Overspeed, Online HT (everything checked off in 3.1.16t) ; burned with Nero 7. I had trouble with discs from this batch on the BenQ 1640/50/55, but they seem to burn nicely on the LiteOn. :clap: