LiteOn SHM-165H6S Retail $34.99 shipped

DVD BURNER LITEON|SHM-165H6S RAM BK R - Retail $34.99 shipped @newegg. This deal has been going on for several days. Cheaper than the OEM version! :doh:

Is that cheap?

yeah, US prices are a bit cheaper than anywhere else in the world. It is very competative in the US

160P6S vs. 165H6S…thoughts?

P6S no lightscribe, H6S has Lightscribe and DVD-Ram

Seems cheap enough to me, Retail model shipping included, I just bought one. I missed a recent deal on an SHW-160P6S OEM for $28.99 shipped (that deal is over). :sad: Now that was REALLY cheap.

SHW160P6S, W=no DVDRAM, P=no lightscribe
SHM165H6S, M=DVDRAM, H=lightscribe

I think they are basically the same other than the above. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.


This is an excellent bargain for all the reasons stated above and:

With retail packaging - the unit is is suspended in the retail carton - then Newegg packs it in an outer box full of foam thingies - making it nearly impossible for the gorilla package handlers at UPS to do damage to the drive-

You also get a beige faceplate extra - making your future use more flexible-

You get four more screws to add to your stash - an official tray release pin - the sound cable - a PowerDVD disc and a Nero disc for those that don’t already have a dozen or so like me-

And most important - a really good instruction book in a gazillion languages (for those that are computer challenged)-

All in all - it is a great deal - I got mine last week for the same price-eh

Does each drive have good firmware support? If I have no use for LightScribe or DVD-RAM is the 165 just as good as the 160 at everything else?

No burner manufacturer has better f/w support than Liteon. The engineers sometimes throw experimental f/w and utilities our way to check out and then listen to our feedback. I currently have experimental f/w in my 160P6S (that’s the one without RAM burning and LiteScribe capabilities).

Other one is down to $29.99 shipped:

What about the “5” ? :bigsmile:

Really are they the same hardware ?