LiteOn SHM-165H6S HS0E scans and discussion thread

This thread is for the displaying of results and to discuss the new LiteOn SHM-165H6S firmware HS0E.

When showing scans please provide the media brand, burn speed and also a transfer rate test would be appreciated.

Don’t forget DVDScan for jitter scanning and the enhanced version of SmartBurn to enable OHT (Online HyperTuning like WOPC).

Maxell brand, burned at 16x, smartburn on, everything else off.

RICOHJPNR03, Office Depot branded at 16x, SB HT OS on.

TYG03, Sony branded at 16x, SB HT OS on.

RITEKP16, Office Depot branded at 16x, SB HT OS on. However, only 12x PCAV burn.

HT is inclined to be a bit cautious when it comes to burning at the highest speed but you can disable SB to override this if you want. :wink:

Fujifilm brand, burned at 12x, everything on.

165H6S - #1
HS0E - All On
Verbatim - MCC03 RG20 -R @ x16

Here is a scan…dvd burned on pioneer 111L (1.27 TDB)…Scanned with the LiteOn SHM-165H6S with the HSOE firmware…Verbatim 16x media.

Why are you posting it here? :confused:

well it is scanned with the LiteOn…I plan on burning some with the Liteon…I haven’t had anything to burn at the present and I don’t feel like just wasting disks. The post does say “LiteOn SHM-165H6S HS0E scans”, which my post is a scan with that drive? Sorry if I misinterpreted the post. My next post will be a disk burnt with the LiteOn.

165H6S - #1
HS0E - All On

  • another “mid range” make of media


[B]Burn 8x[/B]

FE/TE, TA @ PX-755

TDK DVD-R 16x (TTH02), sold in 50 pieces spindle, burnt @ 16x

Resulting in coaster, disc unreadable at 3,8 GB. Look at screenshot of TRT. :frowning:

TDK DVD-R 16x (TTH02), sold in 50 pieces spindle, this time burnt @ 8x

The KProbe quality scan now is significantly better, but the TRT shows here again that LiteOn SHM-165H6S HS0E doesn’t like this media. Reading curve goes down drastically at the end.
This media in combination with this burner is definately not recommended for archival purposes!
Maybe burning quality will be fixed later in firmware updates, though…

Don’t expect anything more from that TDK media. :Z I decided never to buy TDK media again, after getting a spindle of that TDK media. :a

OK, Overspeed ON, Hyper Tuning ON, The Rest Off,
12x Burn
requested with Nero.
Used Tesco 8X branded media ID: CMC MAG.AE1

well I’m at my parent’s place and there’s nothing to do except waste some perfectly good DL media. And by good, I mean they’re empty, not as in high quality.
SB/OS/OHT enabled. 2.4x, 4x, 6x and 8x available for this memorex branded Ritek D01 2.4x DL media.
6x selected in nero and burned.
I’m pretty sure it’s a f/w bug that prevents jitter scans on the 2nd layer

the factory strategy isn’t much better (2.4x, 4x)
4x selected. looks like the massive PIF spike right after the layer burn is characteristic of this media when burned with this drive.

looks get Liteon are getting lazy with burn strategies, or these magnovox cmc mag m01 are the worst batch ever.
bad burn=sb/os/oht on; burned @ 12x
good burn=sb/os/ht/oht on; burned @ 12x

because it’s my parents computer and they are definitely not cdfreaks :disagree: and HT seems to positively affect some MIDs and negatively affect others, I have no idea whether to leave it on or off. ahh decisions decisions.