Liteon SHM-160P6S

I just got an IO Magic box. Inside, it is a Liteon SHM-160P6S, NOT SHW here. I can’t find any information about this drive at all. Anyone knows?

I have a BenQ 1620. Wondering which I shall keep.


Read here:

It does not have a SHM-160P6S, only SHW-160P6S. 6th generation, not firmware yet.

There is also no review any where. Does it mean I shall keep my BenQ DW1620?


how about liteon’s site

I think you should do like most of us, and keep multiple burners in you PC.

It is the same SHW model, not the SHM that I have. :frowning:

SAME DRIVE. I have the same drive, it says SHM on the top but the computer sees it as SHW, and I used the ‘SHW’ firmware from Liteon, works fine.

Keep it, stuff it full of MCC004 Media and burn like mad at 16X !!!

You’ll like the results you get. And update to the latest firmware.

I am reading the forum and found the reported problem with -R media. I tried to download firmware and found PS08 still the latest.


So no -R DVD, right?

For data backups, -R should be fine. For DVD Video discs you’ll play on standalone players, you may want to test a burn. I don’t know for certain if it affects all drives or not, although I’m guessing it does. Fortunately for me I burn more +R than -R, but it’s an unacceptable defect that Liteon should have resolved with a firmware update from day one, or recall the drives. The thought of a drive burning incompatible DVD-Rs is inexcuseable, how Liteon allowed such a defect to be released on the market is beyond me.

i think i have defective unit, it can’t burn MCC 004 at all, no matter what speed.

I was referring to this post


I think the issue wth -R media relates to a gap at the outside edge of the disc that standalone players recognize as a disc without any information.

I have a pile of blank MCC004 and that’s all I can report on. It burns at 16X with better results than I could ever get with my 1673/1693 at 8X.

I have a couple of wytro 399 towers packed with LiteOn 1693S’s. The supply of replacements are drying up. Will the LiteOn SHM-160P6S intermix? Will the 1693 take the 160P6S firmware?