LiteOn-SHD-16P1S Won't play DVD movies



I just got a LiteOn-SHD-16P1S DVDRom for my wife’s computer as she wants to be able to watch movies in our guest room when she just wants quiet and chill out form a rough work day. The problem is the drive will not play movies. She has ME on her computer. I’ve tried Winows Media Player (says no disk in the drive yet in MY Computer the drive shows the movie disk there and when I go to explore all the files show. PowerDVD won’t even open. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,


It could be a bad burned media. Do you have this problem only with burned media or also with pressed discs?


Store bought as well as burned


Unfortunately, the latest DVD software players do not support legacy Windows operating systems such as Windows Me (which is descended from the now-obsolete Windows 95 operating system, a hybrid 32/16-bit system). In addition, the latest DVD hardware requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP in order to function properly.


Liteon specifically states on it’s site that this burner works with 98SE, ME,2000 and XP. As for the software the versions of PowerDVD and Media Player support XP so I don’t think that’s my problem.