Liteon sh-16a7s05c

I am having an issue with this burner reading as just a plain cd-rom. I downloaded the sata drivers and that didn’t work. I need help getting the drive to read as a burner like it is supposed to.

There is absolutely no need to post the same problem several times :a

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Then start reading here:


I followed the instructions on how to change the registry but it didn’t do anything for the drive. It added a record tab, but the drive still reads as only a cd-rom. Is the drive not compatible with windows XP? They need to have a driver for this drive.

is there a problem when it’s reading as a cd-rom instead of a burner? can you not burn?

Nope, it doesn’t burn, it reads just fine. I just can’t get windows to recognize it as a burner.

How is your SATA controller configured (BIOS option)? It should not be set to any RAID mode!
Also make sure, all recent service packs and patches for your Windows version are installed. And try CD/DVD writing software instead of Windows’ integrated CD burning engine.


Raid is disabled. I tried using windows and Nero and they didn’t work either. The drive reads just fine. It just don’t show as a writer.