Liteon SH-16A7S-06 "Good or Bad?" BEWARE



Purchased this model in order to use crap DVD+R media ppl buy me and seems to be rather picky of what types it likes.

List of media’s with READ/BURN problems:

Ritek DVD-R 8X
Memorex DVD+R 8X CMC Mag E01
Playo DVD+R 8X AML-002

Known GOOD media:

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8X Premium
Kodak BRANDED DVD+R 4X SAST-S01 <--------- Not good media but will READ/BURN

XP Pro SP2 Drivers UPDATED
AMD 3800X2
A8N-E Bios 1013
500watt ULTRA Power supply
20GB WD HD Primary Master
200GB Maxtor Primary Slave
Pioneer DVDRW 111D Secondary Master
Liteon DVDRW 16A7S-06 SATA port 3 -------> port 1 slows hard drive
MAXTOR PCI IDE controller
200GB Maxtor Primary Master ------> on pci ide controller


What firmware revision is it? Mine is WS04 :slight_smile:


same firmware WS04.
funny it has problems with Ritek media.