LiteOn SH-16A7S-05 SATA at Newegg

I just found this over at the egg:

Anyone know anything about this drive? I have wasted this much or more buying adapters to try and run IDE burners off of my SATA ports.

I went ahead and ordered one, it’s only $32.99 plus $5.64 for shipping.

Great find HenryNettles!

I just might grab one, I am always a sucker for a new drive.


Alas I found it today at NewEgg, already out of stock. I really need a SATA DVD burner for my new Asus P5N32-E SLi mobo system (it only has 1 EIDE port that I will use for legacy HDDs). I wanted to get burner BEFORE I start system assembly, and I want the white/beige facia. Other SATA DVD seem to have only black facia. Post back here if you get this unit, tell us what you think.

P.S. I’m a DVD burner n00b, none of my 4 current systems have a burner.


gone to check it out…thanks.

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Thank Doctor Morbius

Update: Just AFTER I got home from buying a black-faced Samsung SH-S183 at local store (Fry’s) tonight, I checked again at NewEgg. Lo and behold, the LiteOn SH16A7S-06 (retail unit, $35.99 + S&T) and the OEM -05 ($32.99) are now back IN STOCK. Grab it quick if’n ya want one. These are 1/2 the price I paid for my new Sammy.

-bmaytum :rolleyes:

How do you like the Samsung 183…BB has it for $88…LOL

No Fry’s in Tampa

The good news is that my new Liteon SH-16A7S arrived from Newegg today. The bad news is that it is broken. It will recognize pressed CD and pressed DVD discs. It will not recognize a recorded DVD or a blank recordable disc. The liteon site doesn’t show any firmware for this model, it presently has “WS04”. I guess I will have to RMA to Newegg.

Well that isn’t good news :frowning: Has anyone else received theirs? I am interested in picking one up, but if the build quality\burns aren’t good, I may pass on it until better offerings are available.

Hey Henry,

Is that your review posted on Newegg for the OEM version? The review states exactly what you said here about only being able to read pressed disks, etc. If that is indeed your review, I might be the guinea pig and try one out myself, but if its not, and someone else had your exact same problem, I think thats probably a bad sign and I will wait as well. :wink:
Please let me know as I am eager to free up my only IDE port on my new mobo for legacy HDD’s. Thanks in advance!


Yea, that’s his review unless there’s another guy out there with the same problems and the same motherboard (found out via search history) :stuck_out_tongue:

What mobo is not working with it? They have this

06 instead of 05 model, what’s the difference?

Same drive, one is just retail and the other OEM. HenryNettles has a Gigabyte DS3.

I joined the forum just to say I have to return mine as well.
I am running an asus board with a 430 chipset. also using XP64 bit. I thought for a while it has to be my OS because its flaky for software. But, i tried booting from a bootable cd and a bootable DVD and it pretended no disk was even there. No burning no reading of any media type. needless to say Newegg RMA here we come.

Crappy. I’m glad I wanted on reviews before picking one up :frowning: Sorry to hear about the troubles, guys.

well i need to get a drive like now. i may just go up the street to buy the SATA samsung at BB i know its $88 but i need something now as i have some things that need to be copied ASAP. anyone know about that drive?

Yes, the review on NewEgg was posted by me. As stated in the review, I tried the drive on both SATA controllers on my Gigabyte DS3 motherboard, and on the SATA controller in my Asus PC-DL (dual Xeon) motherboard.

The drive was shipped back yesterday to NewEgg for RMA replacement. I am hoping the next unit will work, but based on the post (above) by jplong, I am not very hopeful.

A little more information here: Based on the behavior of the drive, I don’t think it has anything to do with the SATA controller or the motherboard or the OS. I know there have been some long threads over in the Plextor forum about just which motherboards/SATA controllers will work with the Plextor SATA drives, but I don’t think that is the case here.

When I inserted a pressed DVD, the disc was recognized smoothly and quickly. When I inserted a burned DVD (or blank recordable disc), the drive made some strange sounds. Sort of like it was trying to spin up the disc, and failing. Then, after a few seconds, the drive started making a “tick…tick…tick” sound. The frequency of the ticks was fairly slow, like maybe one per second. This continued indefinitely.

And here’s the strangest part. You know how, when you insert a disc, some things will not work until the disc is recognized? Like Windows Explorer, or any app that reads the drive list, they just freeze and will not respond until the disc is recognized by the drive. Didn’t happen here. And the eject button would work, which surprised me. I expected to have to use a paper clip to get my disc back, but the eject button worked, and worked promptly.

Were you using IDE compatible mode or AHCI for SATA? That might make a difference. I find it hard to believe that two people had the exact same problem so close to them coming out :frowning:

Hahaha :wink: Thanks for the detective work, Agg.

Thanks, Henry! Please keep us posted on what happens with your next unit.

I just built a new system and bought an IDE card for my legacy hard drives, thinking I would use the single IDE port for my optical drive. As it turns out, my 8800GTS card is WAY bigger than I imagined, and the only available card slot is right under it. Not good for airflow. :frowning: I hadn’t thought of getting an SATA optical drive until I had already put the system together. So, I only have a week or two to find an adequate SATA drive and still be able to get a refund on my IDE card. Therefore your help here is GREATLY appreciated! :slight_smile:

If anyone else has had success with a decent and reasonably priced SATA drive, please PM me (I don’t want to hijack Henry’s thread.)

I installed the SH-16A7S-06 retail SATA, purchased from Newegg, in a Dell 9200 and it seems to be working fine. I got the retail version for no good reason other than the pretty box. I’m no guru, but I did burn a MCC004 on it, scanned it with KProbe, and it looks good. I tried to run CD DVD Speed, but it locks up the computer. Could it be because the Dell comes installed with Roxio?

A transfer rate test on my Pioneer 111L, in another computer, was smooth except a slight chink in one spot. I’m in the process of installing a Benq DW-1650 (originally the C-USA Norwood) in that computer and will scan with that to see what it looks like.

EDIT: Here is the Benq scan of the MCC004 burn, burned at 12x on the SH-16A7S-06, and the Kprobe scan from the SH-16A7S-06 itself. The burn was with ImgBurn, and I did not alter any of the SH-16A7S-06 default burn settings.