LiteOn setup screen serial numbers

I’m trying to gather different setup screen serial numbers for different machines for fw updating. Please list your model, what country you use for updates and setup screen serial number and the DVD drive model if known. And if you have the serial number from the previous update(s) it would be nice.

My machine right now with the ddw-451s drive in it is

5005, US/Canada, 0102-1840-0098-g2bd has the ddw-451s drive. Old SN was 0102-1840-0090-g2b9 when I got it.

Serial numbers gotten/found so far:

5005 US/Canada 0102-0143-0080-F2SC with ddw-411s
5005 US/Canada 0102-1140-0080-F2SC with ddw-411s
5005 US/Canada 0102-1840-0098-B20G was B208 with ddw-813s
5005 US/Canada 0102-1840-0098-B20B with ddw-813s
5005 US/Canada 0104-1840-0090-G2B9 with ddw-451s my first 5005
5005 US/Canada 0104-1840-0092-G2B9 with ddw-451s - slinkmo’s

5005 Australia 0102-3640-0098-B208 (005-010D) with ddw-813s drive

5005 UK 0102-3240-0090-g2bd and 0098-g2bd with ddw-451s

5006 US/Canada 0104-1840-0098-G2BD with ddw-413s
5006 UK 0104-3244-0094-B205(000-010D)

5007 US 0106-4140-0040-G2BD (013-010D) with ddw-413s

5045 US 0132-0141-0198-B20B (000-010D) with 813s drive


I’ll edit this post as new serial numbers come in to have them in one place!

5005 UK 0102-3240-0090-g2bd and 0098-g2bd with ddw-451s.

I see people are viewing this topic but not leaving a setup screen serial number for their machine. The setup screen serial number is a serial number for gettiing fw updates and is not the same as the serial number on the back of the machine that identifies it as the one you have, so there is no danger in posting yours.

5005 US (Nov. 04) 0102 1840 0090 G2B9 (103 010 D) --> 0098 G2BD (015 010 D)

5005 US/Canada 0102-1840-0094-B205 (105-0100)
After updating the firmware: 0102-1840-0098-B208 (105-0100)
After updating the firmware another time: 0102-1840-0101-B20G (100-0100)

US LVW 5005 Manufacturer June 2005, SN 0102 1840 0098 B20B (105 01D0)

This is first time I have seen a B20B and I have checked it several times and it is not B208. Liteon Page accepted it when I checked for update and it returns

@bigmacnc - Thanks!!! I been watching the serial numbers and it looks like you got one when B20B was available, it’s later than B208 but earlier than B20G that is out for the 813s. I’m assuming you have the 813s. You can check the drive model by taking the top of the 5005. About 6-8 screws and no tamper tags. There will be a white sticker on the burner with the model number. Let us know please. If it’s an 813s I wonder why they didn’t offer the B20G fw for the burner. The ES5 file should be from March '05.

0102-1840-0098-KS0B (015-010D)

5005A with drive replaced with SOHW 1693s latest firmware

@CCRomeo - Crazy thing it still works at the LiteOn site. I had tried it when I put my 832s in my 5005 which is now 0102-1840-0098-VSOG and it still gives the March 05 ES5 update :bigsmile: . We still gotta go to the Optical section for fw updates for the drive :slight_smile:

It is a DDW 813S07C With burner SN *****************

Edit - Thanks - didn’t need the serial number, removed it

@bigmacnc - Thanks for the info I thought it was an 813S.

The white sticker also had June 2005 as Mfg date. Barcode on outside of recorder and box has FLNFA1098 B20B HT-POT OK.

Not sure this means anything more than FW version.


I have a LiteOn LVW-5006 used in the UK.

My model is 5005, US/Canada with original SN: 0102-1840-0098-B208 upgraded to 0102-1840-0101-B20G.

US 5006 0104-1840-0098-KS0A - original drive replaced with LiteOn 1693s flashed with KS0A firmware :slight_smile:

Hi There, i have the same serial number for the Australian one you have quoted below. Do you have the assoicated firmware (unhacked or hacked) for that serial number?

ie SN: 0102-3640-0098-B208 (405-010D)

if so could i have it.


hI, JM1647

I bought my Liteon LVW-5005A on December 5, 2004 in the USA. It was manufactured in September, 2004.

I immediately downlowded the firmware update 098 (it had the 090 firmware), did the update, and did the ILOHack with the usual results, ie: 3 hr. format, region free, and MV off.

The current SN is SN:0102-1840-0098-G2B9 (013-010D). The drive ID is DDW-451S. Looks as though it’s exactely like yours!

Has there ever been an update for the drive? I have trouble using DVD-RW discs. After 3 or 4 write-overs, they become useless. Anything I record on DVD-/+R’s are just fine and will play on all players.

Has there been an update to take care of the “jiggle” which comes and goes!

Thanks for all you do to help us neophytes in the recorder stuff…


P.S. I noticed yesterday that the firmware file is back on the Liteon website downloads!

[I]“I noticed yesterday that the firmware file is back on the Liteon website downloads!”[/I]

Have you upgraded from the 098 firmware using LNFA1101.E20? If so did the hack work OK?

Since your post, another upgrade (LNFA1101.[B]E30[/B]) has become available…

0102 1140 0098 G2BD new 5005 org DVD drive hacked
0102 1140 0101 G2BD new 5005 org DVD drive and firmware

0102 1140 0101 G2BD (100-010B) LVW5005 Dec 2005 w/LVW5006A Rev:01 mainboard and DOW 451S drive