LiteOn Service



I thought you all should know, if you don’t already, that Liteon’s support once the warranty has expired is NONEXISTENT. I have a LVW 5045 which has a defective DVD drive and they flat out refused to offer any help whatsoever, and I am one month over warranty.
I would have preferred a repair for a fee, rather than having to throw the whole deal out.
Never Again.


Whoa!!! Thats terrible!! I bought my unit at Costco which will take returns “forever” as long as you have everything. Costco is a partner of some sort with Liteon and they haven’t stopped supporting my service needs after 18months. Not even fee for service?? That ought to be against consumer protection- - -but manythings should be different??? ///bobbo.


LOL what do you mean Costco accepts returns forever ? You must be lucky - Costco’s policies are 30 days exchange or refund, after which your waranty is with LITEON, which is 1 year, not “forever”, because with that said you are implying lifetime waranty, which is NOT the case, and NOT a policy of Costco nor LITEON… :slight_smile:


You say thats unbelieveable??? I agree. Still, thats what I’m told at my local store and thats my experience. The following is from their website = 6 months for computers–they aren’t very restrictive? I’m sure this may be informal/local/temporary but its pretty lenient and justifies my membership cost. >>>>>> (PS–just read a similar notice re “NO Service” by Apple for Ipods after one year and they are almost designed to break after said year??)

From Costco Website:

How do I return an item? offers convenient returns at any one of our Costco warehouses worldwide. To expedite the return process, please have your order confirmation email with you.

If you are unable to return your order at one of our warehouses, please email for assistance with returning the product.

Please note that the return policy for all notebook and desktop computers is 6 months, from the date of purchase. After that time, all services and technical support will be subject to the applicable remaining manufacturers’ warranty.