Liteon + securom "New"

Can I use my Liteon 32123s as a reader to make a backup of a securom “New” game like WCIII or do I have to use something else to read the game?

If I use another reader can i write it with my liteon drive?

Yes, you can use your Lite-on.

If it’s the original release, the copy should work fine to read and write with alcohol using securom new (not securom new 4.x) datatype settings. Alternatively, you can use clonecd with the Lite-on securom new profile available from the profiles sticky on the clonecd forum. Other alternatives such as blindwrite, cd-mate and discjuggler should also work fine.

If it’s not the original release of WCIII though (say v. 1.04 or 1.05) you’ll need to use one of blindwrite’s autoplay, alcohol’s RMPS emulation (securom new 4.x datatype settings required) or twinpeak patching of a clonecd image (made either with ccd itself or with alcohol).

In addition, assuming it’s the original release, if you have problems amking a good raw image with your Lite-on, you can use another reader (so long as it’s a good subs reader) and use your Litey to write it.