LiteOn Scans

Was wondering why cd/dvd speed scans done with a LiteOn burner shows a lower quality score than when done in a BenQ drive even though the error levels are lower in the LiteOn scan. I have been using a LG burner and read that the BenQ scans are not reliable compared to the LiteOn scan.


I have the same concerns as you, regarding CD/DVD scans performed in Benq and Lite-on burners.


The quality score is based solely on PIF maximum it seems. The BenQ and the Lite-On count them differently; 8ECC for the BenQ vs 1ECC for Lite-On. That means that the max in-spec value for PIF when scanned on the BenQ is 32 while on the Lite-On it is 4. If PIF hits 2 on a disc scanned on a Lite-On then the score will drop to 95. The score really isn’t important.

Thank You Two Degrees. That takes the worries out of my head why the score was so low.From now on I won’t worry so much about the Quality Score as much as the amout of errors on the disc.