LiteOn Says 16x but burn takes 30 min

Hey folks, I’ve found this forum while searching google. I hope y’all can help me with this problem, I’ve been searching here and on google and simply cannot find a similar situation.

I bought an external LiteOn 1673s for my notebook pc about two weeks ago from Circuit city. I have 16x media from Dynex, which NERO recognizes and says the drive can burn at 16x. When I go to burn a movie to the disk however, it will say burn completed at 16x, however, the time elapsed is usually just shy of 30 min. I know I should be getting burn times of about 6 min for this speed.

I don’t know if this problem is caused by the drive being external USB2.0 or by something else. Any ideas?

My best guess is that it’s because your laptop hard drive can’t keep up. In my personal experience, a 7200 RPM hard drive is needed to keep up with a 16x burn. No laptop hard drive is that fast; most are only 4200 RPM, and the fast laptop hard drives are only 5400 RPM. If the hard drive can’t keep up, then you’ll get buffer underruns, which slow things down. If you’re using Nero, then Nero’s particular method of handling buffer underruns will serve to greatly magnify the slow-down effect, so 30 minutes using Nero with a laptop sounds about right.

But just to make sure, can you use Nero CD-DVD Speed to create a data disc? If you use the option to create a data disc with junk data, then the hard drive gets taken out of the equation and you can see how fast your drive can truly go.

Ok, thanks for the quick response. I’ll give it a try. I have also tried 12x burn with the same slow result. But let me try the junk data suggestion you mentioned.

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I take it your notebook does support USB 2.0?

My notebook with a 4200rpm drive could write at 16x using Firewire. I recently upgraded it to a 5400rpm, which improved the performance of the notebook, but I haven’t noticed any difference yet burning :wink:

  1. Make sure you turn on UDMA for your HD
  2. Do a burn simulation to ensure your drive can catch up the 16x speed
  3. Turn off any antivirus or other unnecessary software

I think that should be enough to solve your problem.

I baught a very bad spindle of BenQ DVD-R 8X, and believe me I need about 30 mn to burn them with either my Benq or my liteon. I thaught something went wrong with my computer… It was just a very bad batch !!!

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Further to this post, I thought I would try an ISO burn using NS to see what the 16x burn was like from the notebook with the 5400rpm drive, as I normally only use CloneDVD2 with IFO/VOB files, which gives no indication of the current speed, only how long the burn takes. So it was interesting to see this result. Definitely a few underruns but still a time 6:40…

Of course. The Notebook is a brand new HP notebook with usb2 ports, 3.4ghz processor, 1gb ram, 100gb hd etc…

Well the test finished and gave me an average speed of 1.67x with a total time of 37min. I’m going to take the drive and connect it to my desktop to see if the same problem persists… if it does, the drive is going back to CC.

I stand corrected, then. :o That’s weird; my desktop’s secondary 5400 RPM HDD was never able to keep up, not even after I formatted it (the ultimate defragmentation! ;)). Oh well.

hmm … for me its drive… (maybe its on lower UDMA mode, or not eough reading preformence) i had simular problem … i have 7200RPM maxtor … got problems whit burning even 8x … (i bought hdd from friend) i start wondering … and checking system i found at SiSoft sandra accustic menagment enabled … i download program (i had option “silence”) and turn it off now its much better but still … i dont test it at 16x only 12x.

As information only, Hitachi makes 60 & 100GB 7200RPM hard drives for notebooks (the “Travelstar” 7K & E7K models).

I had an experience like that last week. It turned out to be the media (low speed). What are you using?

16x media. Dynex… CdSpeed.exe tells me its made by Ricoh.