Liteon S812 problems with ritek -r

Hi there.
Please could someone tell me if the liteon s812 is known to have problems with ritek g05 (dvd-r). Of the 20 burns I’ve done, about 6 skip and freeze on my standalone dvd player. They work fine on the pc, but it’s reall disappointing. I have the original firmware, and would really like to know before I go ahead and burn more coasters.

Thanks :bow:

Some series of G05 are authentic crap. I tried 1x25 wrapped tub of Ridisc 4X MID G05, and all of them went to the trash.

You try good media…, if it’s possible +R format: TY, RICOH, MCC, PRODISC…, and you’ll haven’t another coaster with your 812S. :wink:

I tried some g05’s under the Memorex (DVD-R) brand and they played OK.

This is the problem with Ritek…, some media work OK…, some media are crap.