Liteon S vs W

Ok, I’m still kinda new here but I am in the market for a new burner.
I want to be able to copy backup of my game disks if I can. Right now I can’t make any copyrighted stuff hardly at all with my Hi-Val (generic liteon 12101b drive) I can do music and data just fine.

I’m looking at the liteon’s because eveyone seems to think they are excellent, can’t figure that out because they seem cheep but I have a friend that can burn almost anything with his liteon so…

I see the new 52x24x52x is out and I can get it for 60 bucks +/-.
I see however that it is the “S” model. There is no “W” model yet that I can see…
But I can get the 48x12x48 that is the “W” version is that a better way to go or does the new generation of the “S” drives incorperate the “w” thing to make it a better drive?

Anything on the 3sheep test and the 52x burner yet?

BTW, I do not plan to OC at all, just burn, I want quality and flexibility to burn almost anything I want.

I almost forgot, can the DVD burners do the same quality in copying SD2 as the regular CDR buners?


The ‘w’ and ‘s’ refer to who makes the chips for the drive.

It doesn’t make any substantial difference, and and the new 48126 ->52246 only come in the S flavor anyway.

Originally posted by debro

The ‘w’ and ‘s’ refer to who makes the chips for the drive.

[B]S - ST Microelectronics

W - Winbond[/B]

Thanks guys, I knew that it ment different chips, sorry my title should have been better…

What I need to know is the “W” better than the “S” version.
given that the speeds of the lesser 48X vs the 52X aren’t that much of a difference so I want to make sure that I get the better of the two.


Ok, so the w and s are the chips, so what, which is better?


go for the xx6s cause it´s the newest.

you can update a 48126s to a 48246s or a 52246s