Liteon RMA experiences



Hi all, I just sent back 1 (of the three I have) Liteon 5005s. I thought that the RMA experience would be a good topic to discuss.

Feel free to post your return experiences here, and whether or not you are satisfied with the return you received. Maybe this post can help someone dealing with a problematic Liteon in the future.



Sorry about my ignorance (or the fact I’m not lucid at so early an hour here), but WHAT does “RMA” mean?

As for my experience with my 5005, the only complaint I’d have is the “jerkiness” problem that shows up for a minute or two every now and then when using the 4 hour and 3 hour speeds. (I won’t even mention the six hour speed, since that’s just plain ugly, and really no worse than the six hour speed on VHS, which I also refuse to use. :slight_smile: )

Aside from that (and the resulting need to use only the two hour speed, despite having upgraded to having the 3-hour speed :frowning: ), I have NO complaints at all. Neat machine.

What’s wrong with the one you sent back?


Usually RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization. I have seen it also called Return Material Authorization. I guess it depends on where you are in the supply chain.

I have not had to RMA anything yet to Liteon. Given all the problems that they attempt to solve via RMA, I think it is a shame that the consumer has to pay the postage. Think about it if you have to RMA an item just twice and it represents a significant percentage of the purchase price, then the RMA practice is not a good one no matter how well the unit performs.

There are several forum members that have RMA’d multiple times.


I suppose here in the UK we are lucky that as consumers we don’t have to mess with sending stuff back to Liteon, our Sale of Goods Act puts the onus squarely on the shoulders of the seller.
And if a unit fails within the first year it is deemed in law to have been faulty from the day of purchase.
As the unit is faulty the cost of returning it has to be borne or refunded by the seller.

I’ve also heard RMA as Really Messed-up Appliance.


I bought a 5005 from Newegg had it a few weeks before I used it, went to use my DV input on two different Sony camcorders and had real bad artifacts and red tint. Called Liteon talked to 2nd level tech, and I was told both my camcorders might not have been tested with the 5005. They were both consumer level camcorders that was one of Sonys most popular models two years ago.

Was told the engineer was going to look into it, and if he had too buy the model numbers of my camcorders and test it he would. Yea right. I was told I would either receive an answer by phone or email within two days, its now going on the 10th day. I did RMA it to newegg and am waiting for a new one to arrive.

I just hope the new one works because my RMA time expires with newegg within a few days. Then I will have to deal with Liteon.


I sent my unit back because it was ruining my dvds.

I set the timer,(2hrs), the unit would record, then shut off at the end like it is should. Then when I would turn it on…preparing comes on the screen…5 minutes later…invalid disk error…

2nd level support said to send it back…



I wish we had good common sense law like this in the U.S.! It would really simplify things, since the retailer has much more clout with the supplier than an individual consumer. It would also make it much less profitable to push “used” merchadise through internet outlets as “new”. Since almost by definition if you buy it on line it will have to be shipped. So if the seller has to pay for the shipping, after the initial purchase, they will be much more conservative and take fewer chances.


I agree Unwired, it does stop retailers bypassing their responsibilities after all they make a decent profit margin in the sale.
To rub salt into the wound we also have “Distance Selling Regulations” designed specifically for Internet trading but also applicable to Mail Order, this further increases the power of the consumer so for instant an item can be returned for any reason within 7 days of receipt, ideal for home testing to ensure the product is suited for your needs.

It also states that sellers must give clear and accurate information.
their name, and if you pay in advance, their postal address
an accurate description of the goods or services on offer
the price including any taxes if relevant, and how long that price or offer remains valid
the delivery arrangements
the payment arrangements
information about whether you will be liable for the cost of returning the item(s) if you change your mind about them.

Trouble is most people, even experienced and intelligent internet shoppers are not aware of these protections, and those that may are often not “brave” enough to force the issue through.


lite-on rma people have had my lvc-9006 almost a month now and no-one seems to be able to give me an answer as to when i"m getting it back. I was promised a call back by a supervisor today and an email yesterday and got nothing. I"ll never buy any lite-on crap again