LiteOn releases new firmware to battle securom protection

From the liteon website :

Firmware is the driver program stored & executed within opto-drives (like CD-RW). Not the resident driver to be installed under PC operation system (like Windows, DOS device driver). To upgrade firmware will change and improve the compatibility & performance of the opto-drive. The downloaded upgrade program still need to be run in your PC to transfer the new firmware code into the flash memory of the opto-drive. Some of the upgrade programs can be only run under pure DOS operation system enviroment, some can be done directly under Windows enviroment (compatibility related).

Liteon is getting tired of all the difficulties regarding Securom copyright protected cdroms and decided to put a special Securom firmware for download for 24 hours. There will be no guarantee this will work , but it has been tested with NeverWinter Nights and Command and Conquer ; Generals. Liteon advises to use only CloneCD for this !

Please download the program you need & unzip it, choose the proper operation system enviroment to execute it. For example, boot from DOS floppy disc into the pure DOS mode to run the program that only for DOS enviroment, do not use the MS-DOS prompt window under Windows enviroment. The detail upgrade procedure please click “How to Upgrade Firmware”. There will be no firmware upgrades available to backup your games that have StarForce protection schematics.

It’s not necessary to upgrade the firmware of your opto-drive unless you meet problem.

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Dear god where??? Did anyone get it in time to send it to the rest of us?

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ah, that’s right its 1 april :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

besides that, C&C Generals is SD 2.8 protected and has nothing to do with SecuROM.