Liteon released new firmwares for SOHW-812S, LDW-851S and LDW-401S



I just posted the article Liteon released new firmwares for SOHW-812S, LDW-851S and LDW-401S.

Thanks to dhc014’s post we know that Liteon has published some new firmwares for its DVD burners. Here are the changes:SOHW-812S: US0A - Changing Booktype support LDW-851S: …

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451S@851S GS0C to GS0F… Update worked just fine… No problems to report… mmm…Wonder what the additional media types acutally are?..:S


Sadly - no firmware for the x11S series…seems it has slipped from their priority list? :frowning: LiteOn - you are not winning any friends by doing this…


LiteOn released the x11 firmwares weeks before the x51 firmwares during the previous round of upgrades, even though they were all developed at the same time… it might do the same again, except in reverse order this time.
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