LiteOn Release 1653S 12X DVD-R, 4X DL

I just buy a 1633S last week, can 1633S oc to 1653S?

depends on the hardware set up of the two, nice to know they are raising the dvd-r, maybe code can answer this better

There is a slight hardware difference, so it’s hard to say until we get the firmware.

Here’s a link to the release:

DVD-R in 1633s is Z-CLV, but DVD-R in 1653s is CAV, can 1633s change the firmware to support CAV DVD-R?

Damn, I also bought a 1633S two weeks ago…

Would be fancy if the 1633S can be updated. :wink:


we just have to wait till we get the firmware to see, fingers crossed

what about the talks about new chipset etc?

I am very interested in this drive. Let’s see if it can compete with the Pioneer 108 / NEC ND-3500.

DVD+R was changed from ZCLV to CAV from 1213S to 1633S. So it’s conceivable that the same could happen from 1633S to 1653S. It’s hard to say until someone actually tries it out.

why do they keep changing?

i prefer the cav method :slight_smile:

Why not? CAV/PCAV is generally faster and better than ZCLV. So if they could get the later 3S models to use AV for -R, then that’s good. :slight_smile:

I hope somebody (like CDRINFO) has a stripdown picture of it soon - if the primary chipset is different (though that wouldn’t fit the “3S” numbering) , then there is no chance of a free update.

IF the main chipset IS capable, then what else might stop it doing 4x DL, the PUH, or some minor chips.

I suspect the 12x CAV (or P-CAV?) on -R may be the thing that requires updated support chips, in whic case, there may be scope for something resembling the 451/851 to 832 (but only 4x -R) conversion

“SMART-BURN avoiding Buffer UnderRun Error, Automatically adjusting writing strategy & running OPC to provide the best burning quality”

wow!!! looks like liteon has jumped into the running OPC bandwagon. this could be their best drive ever. :slight_smile:

Based on what I’ve heard, the primary chipset will most likely be identical. The secondary chip (analog processor) will also very likely be identical. The PUH, however, will likely be revised.

On a historical note, this is what happened between the 811S and 851S… they both shared the same identical chips, but had different PUH units.

I am also certain that the current chipset is capable of 4x +R DL. Heck, even the 832S’s chipset should be capable for 4x DL, too (but the firmware and probably PUH is not, of course). Because of how +R DL is done for MediaTek drives, all you need is +R support (no need for some specialized +R DL support); it seems that +R DL is done by doing regular +R burns with two laser focal points.

Oh, and Running OPC has been present in LiteOn drives since… a long long time. Running OPC is what I’d call “passive” OPC. The BenQ OPC (known as Walking OPC) is an active form of OPC (incidentally, NEC named their version of active OPC something to the effect of active OPC).

**Also, if anyone gets a firmware for this drive… you know my e-mail address. :wink:

so we wont ever be able to get a firmware that allows 4x dl burning for the 832s (812s)…damn

Interestingly, 5x DL seems to be working like magic, albeit on hardware quite far removed from the LiteOn stable…

which drive will liteon release next to 1653s?
and what speed does it burn at?

Which confuses the bloody hell out of me. Why on earth would Toshiba release a 5x drive? 4x, I can understand. 6x, or 8x, too. But 5x?! Sounds very much like a marketing gimmick, if you ask me. In any case, 6x/8x +R DL is in the works, so by the time the LiteOn 4x comes out, it’ll be close to obsolete. But then again, with media prices the way they are, I don’t think anyone would notice. :wink:

Wonder why they stopped at 12x DVD-R? If I remember correctly my NEC 3500 can do 16x DVD-R… :confused:

The big question again. Is it possible to mod
812s OR 832s for 4x DVD DL Burning. in the future :confused: