LiteOn Recorder System Update/Firmware Files

People are buying 5005’s that still have the 0090 fw installed on them and do not want to update to the 0101 firmware and are looking for the 0098 version. If you have had your machine since the 0090 fw and did upates to 0098 and have the files from liteon please post a yousendit link and I’ll make them available for download here. Please post the country, machine model number and the 0090 serial number you used to get it.

Also some people are requesting the 1101\0101 update for the 0102-1840-0098-XXXX firmware that was up for download at LiteOn so I posted them here.

When a yousendit link is posted or a PM is sent to me I’ll get the files and post a link for them here at cdfreaks in this post. As always use at your own risk and cdfreaks is not to be responsible in any way.

Links for 5005’s:
US/Canada 0102-1840-0098-g2bd update to 0101 fw for system update only to 0102-1840-0101-g2bd is [here](

US/Canada 0102-1840-0098-B208 update to 0101 fw for system & drive update to 0102-1840-0101-B20G is [here](

US/Canada 0104-1840-0090-xxxx update to 0098 fw for system only is here. This file is courtesy of 35rem.

US/Canada 0102-1840-009X-xxxx update to 0098 fw for system only is here. This is the file I downloaded for my machine 0102-1840-0090-XXXX

Also anyone needing an update not listed above, post your request in this topic, and maybe somebody can help you.


I added links for the 1101\0101 update for the 0102-1840-0098-g2bd and B208 5005’s in the first post of this topic. This was an update that was available from LiteOn but no longer shows up for download, it added Closed Captions for the 0102 5005’s. For the B208 drives there was also a drive update to B20G in it.

I have an LVW5005 australian
Serial no. 0102-3640-0098-B208 (005-010D)
Purchased may 2005
and would like to hack it but cannot download firmware version 0098 from liteon as the latest version is 0102 and the hack does not work at this time. Has anyone have the 0098 firmware for australia, if so could you email it to me on Is it possible to extract the firmware from the recorder ??

You can extract the drive firmware by hooking the drive up to a PC with a PC IDE and power connection but not the system firmwares. You do not have to take the drive outta the 5XXX to do this. Unpug the 5005, take off the top, unplug the IDE and power cable from the drive and hook up to PC IDE cable and power plug. You’ll need the program Ltnfw to do this.

Hopefully someone will post a link to the files you need and I’ll put them up for download here also. Good Luck.

Datsuns problem is resolved.

Glad to hear that, I guess he got the file he needed!

Yeah, I found I had a copy of the file for Australian region.

Hi Jim, I have a copy of the 098 UK Firmware which I downloaded some time ago to upgrade my 5005 from 090, I also have a copy of the frirmware update downloaded for the drive. How do I post a yousendit link so that I can make these files available? Many thanks, Len.

@mooi1uk - sure would be nice to have the files here for people to get. Go to Here is what I do to get a link to post where to get the file. I enter my own email address in the receipient box, browse for the file I want to send (I zip the files if there are more than 1) then click send it. An email is then sent to the receipient containing the link to get the file. You can PM me with the link or reply back in the thread with it.
Include the serial number you used to get the update, we know know your from the UK.

Thanks Again.

Hi everybody, with thanks to jm1647 here is the yousendit link for the LVW-5005 UK version of the 098 Firmware. I’m sorry but I don’t have the serial number I used to download this file originally as I no longer own the 5005, I now have a 5006 instead . All I can tell you is that the serial number was in the format XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX (XXX-XXXX).

The following file was downloaded at the same time and is the Firmware for the drive:

I hope these files will prove useful for someone.

Len (mooi1uk)

@moo1uk - Thanks!!! It’s the ddw-451s g2bd drive update from January and the 0098 system update from March 27 that took care of the green tint thing.

My pleasure jm1647, great forum!

It takes great users to make a great forum :iagree:

@mooi1uk - I figured out a serial number to use to get these files - UK and 0102-3240-0090-g2b9. They are still available on the Liteon site now but we have them here thanks to you if they go away.

jm1647, my apologies once more for not keeping a note of the S/N but the one you’ve figured out looks pretty much like it as I recall. Best wishes and thank you for your quick replies, sorry about the PM I sent before posting the links.

@mooi1UK - ah no apology needed!!! no problem with the PM you were trying to help the forum!!

Seems I never got the file from LiteOn to upgrade my 5006, and now the current firmware they offer on the website is unhackable (so far). :doh:

I’d like to use the hack invented by “he of the stringed instrument” ( :wink: ), but what’s needed to do that is the last one offered (for U.S. machines) by LiteOn BEFORE theirs became unhackable.

My 5005 has the 98 version, so that one for the 5006 would be fine, but so would ANY version, so long as it’s above 90 and can be hacked.

Help? :confused:

35rem was kind enough to offer and send in the 098 firmware updates for the US 5005 0104-1840-0090-g2b9. The latest is the March '05 update that fixed the green tint.
Anybody still need them let me know and I’ll put them up for download.

35rem - Thanks again!!!

Hey Cdfreaks,
Forgive me, I am newbie. As far as I can determine I need the 098 fw upgrade to use to the guitarman version.

I have the US version 0104-18401-0092-b208 (101-010D). Does anyone have the 098 fw for this?

Please instruct and thanks alot.


here is the one I sent jm1647
for the 0104-1840-00xx-xxxx

if your is 0104-1840-0092-b208 this should work for you