Liteon rebadged as tx uranus help needed

just got hold of a tx uranus cdrw522452plus drive and from what ive heard its a rebadged lite on drive.Ive just burned a full 80minutes audio disc converting from mp3 file on the fly in a liteon 24x10x40 in 3 mins.How come i could only select 24x to burn this until i disabled smartburn which then gave me option of 52x?The main question is how do i get nero cd speed to recognise thisa drive?It shows as CD-RW CDR-6S52 V6SG1 but gives me no options to start the test.
I realise it might be in the wrong forum not being stictly a 100% liteon drive and i apologise if ive done wrong but any info how to get nero cd speed to recognise this drive would be great

U said it yourself…

Q: I do only get ??X shown as the maximum recording speed, but my drive supports faster speeds!!
A: Lite-On drives features Smart-BURN technology which limits the recording speeds due to manufacturer of the media, media type and condition of the media. Only speeds that the inserted media(or if drive is empty: the last inserted media) supports will be shown. Insert media that the drive supports writing at highest speed before you start the program to get the highest speed shown.