Liteon reading performance

Hi guy’s great resource you have here :slight_smile:

I have just purchased the Liteon 24/10/40, firmware 5SOJ,when using it to read burned CD’s it does not perform aswell as my Sony burner, it is pretty poor actually :frowning: any suggestion’s guy’s?

Is the CD’s you are reading made with the SONY burner ?

you could also try upgrading your firmware to the latest version (5s54) or downgrading it to 5s07 ( from dos with dos5s07 )

Not all Burners like all types of Media !

Even the disc’s burned with the LiteOn are not read very well,i have been burning for a while now so i am just putting it down to the burner, i know the best types of media etc.As for upgrading firmware the latest firmware only support’s 5s01 & 5s9z? this was downloaded from the LiteOn site.

I have had this problm with my Lite-ON as well …

Disc’s burned with it reads badly in my DVD drive as well in other peoples drives …

So … I tried different burning programs to deicde what was the best way to go and I found a perfect combo … so now every thing burnt with my Lite-On can be read VERY VERY fast !

CdrWin didn’t work
NTI didn’t work
Nero did work but don’t any more
DiscJuggler didn’t work
WinOnCD Works perfectly
CloneCD works 90/10
BlindWrite suite works … perfectly

I have also tried different firmware revisions but have always ended up with 5s07 ! ( flashed from dos with dos5s07 )

Some types of media …i.e Lead Data CD’s dont mix very well with my Lite-ON whereas Pioneer, Philips or Medion works very well.

Thanx for the input :slight_smile: i use the most popular cdr software myself also & have never had any prob’s before,guess i will stick to reading with my good old sony burner & use the liteOn for high speed burning :).

Just tried Nero and it works perfect with My Lite-ON 24102B … the Disc verifies fast and reads fast both on CD-R and CD-RW ! is an Internal Build

I have now switched it so that the LiteOn is now on the first ide plug & is setup as slave not master just as it was originally for the Sony burner,seem’s to have made a slight improvement :wink:

i use cdrwin nero and clone and almost never had a coaster and all good readable in every dvd/cd rom’s
i use the same burner with firmware 5s07

Seems to be perfect with any cheap Discplanet media :slight_smile: