Liteon RAM Lightscribe Burners at Newegg

Sorry if this is reported somewhere else. I really wonder how LG is able to hope for $90 for their 4166. I have one and the burns are very, very ood, but twice the price?

Now if only NEC would get the 4550 to the US. :frowning:

Ahh…but they are! They are just rebadged as a Maddog

Wonder how those liteys burn…

Well aware of the Maddog. I want the NEC.

I fail to see the difference…but ok.

I don’t disagree, but as I don’t really need another burner I can afford to be stubborn. Besides, the faceplate would drive me crazy and I really don’t want to pay more for Maddog when I don’t want one.

That “studded dog collar” gives it a snazz…hehe

Looks decent…