Liteon Purchase




I have an opportunity to buy a liteon CD-RW from Honk kong.
I heard that it is by far cheaper than the US (is this right ??)
If it was really cheaper... which one would i buy... a 40125W ?



tell us how much they are in hong hong so we can tell you if ur right or wrong ! :slight_smile:


Go to for hardware prices in Hong Kong!


very slow link…


For your reference, the price of Liteon 40x CDRW is HK$645, not sure if it’s the ‘W’ or ‘S’…


$645 HKD is about $127 CDN.
I could buy the 40x Lite-ON cdr for $130 CDN here in Toronto.


This is too much… i think in the US its about 68 U$ w/o shipping… check pricewatch