Liteon Problems

I have attempted to make a working backup of Fifa 2003 using my Liteon 48125S and various programs. (I know Fifa 2003 has Safedisc 2.8)

CloneCD, as I had heard before did not work, with any settings.

I used the settings at for Blindwrite but they did not work - I ended up with a .cda file and the CD came up as an audio CD the first time, and a disc which just froze my computer every time it was in the CD drive the second time.

Alcohol 120% will not install on my computer - it said
‘CRC failed in trial_setup.msi
Unexpected end or archive’

DiscDump and Frontend also did not work, producing errors.

Maybe it’s because I have a PII 233MHz computer? It’s quite old…around 1997 I think it was that I bought it :s

If it’s not the compouter, then why isn’t Fifa copying on my Liteon 48125S?

To get Alcohol to work you should download the file again, CRC error generally means your downloaded file is corrupted. With Alcohol it’ll be piece of cake to copy the game :slight_smile:

I re-downloaded it…but the same problem. I’m now trying to copy it with CD Mate but it says there isn’t enough memory on this crappy computer grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!