Liteon Plays Poorly



Hi, folks
I haven’t been here in a (long) while, but I need some advice, before I use a hammer on my LITEON MODEL LVW-5104.
It say’s ‘invalide disk’ over and over, then may recognize it, and lets my record a tv show. I follow the guide for 'source, time (2hr) etc, and It always replays fairly for perhaps 30 minutes, then starts stopping, jumping contiuosly until it fially freezes the picture and will show no futher. If I start at the beginning, it will play a while then act the same way.
I’m using memorex disks DVD-RW.
Thanks for any help.


You can try better media but it sounds like all the rest of the Lite-On recorders. You need might need replace the drive. Plenty of info here on how to do it,


Memorex disks DVD-RW, is crap media :Z. Try something better.


Try using a cd/dvd cleaner on the drive also try different media if not then the drive sounds like it may be burned out and need replaced either by LiteON or by using the various guides on here.