LiteOn P6S Unable to update firmware



Hi. I’m having trouble reading Burned DVDs. It will read the disc and after 5 minutes, display contents. If I try to open an exe it will say it is not a valid 32 bit application or if I try to copy any files to the HD some will come up with redundancy errors but its always consistent for each file whether it will copy or not. None of these discs are scratched and all Memorex DVD+R.

So I thought I would try upgrading the firmware. I have tryed every firmare from Codeguy, the official one from LiteOn and everytime I get “Unable to flash firmware. Please contact with your vendor !”. I have also tryed Flash Utility to try to Read the current firmware off the drive and I get an error that it is unable to read it. I was wondering if maybe the drive is locked somehow, something I should change in BIOs or a problem with NVIDIA IDE drivers. I checked Device Manager under IDE controllers and it shows the generic IDE drivers and 2 NVIDIA SATA drivers and I dunno if thats gonna conflict eventhough I dont have any sata drives installed.

Thanks for any help. I hope its an easy fix to update the firmware and hopefully it will resolve my primary issue.


try it in safe mode…try better media also…memorex isnt all that good


Hi [B]m0th[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I suggest replacing the IDE data cable to your drive; make sure the new cable is an 80-wire cable. Also check that the power cable is properly attached to the drive.

If you are running your system overclocked, try disabling the overclocking.

Is the drive connected to the same IDE port/cable as another drive? If it is then try to move make sure it’s on it’s own cable if possible (just don’t move or disconnect your system hard disk).


I did a few suggestions. Changed cable to brand new one that came with my AM2 mobo ( I was using an old cable). I removed the other DVDdrive so I just have the LiteOn set as Master. I set BIOS to safemode default and still I have the same problem. I tryed booting into windows in safemode but it never goes, just locks up, this is a fresh install of Windows XP pro so I dunno whats up with that. I’ll keep trying safemode but is there anything else I can look at? BTW, 1 time running the PS0B firmware from codeguy’s site it got to 100%, stayed at inquering and than failed with the same error ive been getting and than the drive was no longer recognized by windows until I rebooted.


Do you have another pc that you could use for testing this drive, to see if the drive itself is to blame?


How long did you wait when trying to boot in safe mode? My Win2k takes maybe 5 to 6 minutes to boot safe mode compared to 30 seconds or so for normal boot which might be mistaken as locked up but does finally boot to safe mode; ditto for shutting down from safe mode.


Do you have another pc? I just replaced the mobo, proc, ram, vid card and PS. I was having this trouble with my old mobo and setup.

How long did you wait when trying to boot in safe mode? I waited 10 minutes. It is stuck at loading MUP.SYS which I believe is the last thing loaded before the screen flashes.

Safemode doesnt appear to be an option. One thing I noticed is when I start up it asks me which OS I want to run and displays 2 Windows XP Pro options. Initially trying to install windows I had a problem with it randomly rebooting and discovered a stick of RAM was to blame. At one point during installation it got all the way passed setting up the network when it rebooted cos faulty RAM. After replacing the RAM I reinstalled Windows choosing the options to NOT reformat (because I have 200GB of stuff I need) and to overwrite the windows directory. The installation was flawless with the new RAM in there… But I htink that is why it thinks there are 2 versions of Windows installed and maybe why I cant enter safemode.

How critical is trying it in safemode? I assumed in safemode, your CD/DVD drives were not accessible, or maybe im thinking Win9x.

Is there anything else I can try? BTW, I attempted to install UT2004, this is only the second time ive taken the install discs out of the sleeve and the drive will NOT read it at all.

Also I noticed that the power cable is actually a splitter that runs to 3 mini fans installed up front. Should I try direct power from the PS?

Here’s my current specs if it matters:

  • Windows XP Pro SP2
  • AMD 3800+ Dual Core
  • Nvidia AM2 mobo
  • Nvidia 7600GT
  • 512 DDR2 800mhz
  • 256GB HD


What’s meant by “it thinks there are 2 versions of Windows installed?” Are you getting a choice of 2 Windows to boot during startup? You may edit the boot.ini file to remove 1 of the choices if that’s the case. Make a copy of the boot.ini file before editing in case you goof and remove the wrong one. Advantage of booting in safe mode is that minimal amount of drivers are loaded thereby reducing possible problems when flashing, and you are thinking Win9x concerning CD/DVD not recognized in safe mode. I had all kinds of problems when trying to flash a drive while booted in normal mode, but it was very straight forward with no glitches when booted in safe mode. Another option is to connect the drive to another PC for updating firmware as suggested by DrageMester if it can’t be accomplished in current PC. However, you likely still need to resolve some issues if the system thinks there are 2 Windows installed.