Liteon or plextor



which is the best cd writer for writing anything
the liteon or the plextor


The search for the ultimate writer is still on. i dont think there is any definate answer to your question.
Plextor is renouned for Audio.
Lite-On is renouned for games.

It depends what exactly you would be doing.:smiley:


The good thing in the plextor, IMO, is PROTECTED audio, the Lite-on makes great sounding normal audio discs too.

Also, the Plex is pickier with media and much more expensive, and I believe it only does DAO burns at 24x (I’m not sure on this last point…).


you can buy 2 Liteon 40x drives for the price of a Plextor.
Nuff said.


Depends on the availibility of Protected Audio CDs in your part of the world.

Here in India, nobody even knows what are Copy Protected Audio CDs but, there are Protected Data CDs like gamez and so on.

I feel that the Lite-on will be better, because of regular updates for new Media.