LiteOn or Pioneer.. or?

Heyas everyone,
I have a couple questions to ask. I’m in Australia and in the market for a dvd burner and I can’t decide what to get.

I have around $150 - $180 Australian dollars to spend, obviously cheaper is better. I’m not worried about being able to burn dual layer but obviously that capability would be a nice setup for the future. I will probably be using DVD-R media with my main brand being Princo (the ones as listed at centrecom). A friend of mine uses these media on his Pioneer 107D and has no problems.
But I can obtain Ritek G04’s if better media is preferred.

I have the following choices

  • LiteOn 812s (basically because it’s a cheap dvd burner, firmware upgradeable to an 832s to handle dual layer I believe? but from what I understand doesn’t handle dvd-r very well, princo’s being a horrible brand to use with it)

  • Pioneer 107d (I know it works with the princo’s as a friend has the exact same drive, but… no dual layer support).

There are other dvd burners available (check 's dvd writer section) so other suggestions are more than welcome.

A question… if I patch the firmware on the 812s to the 832s to allow dual layer or whatever it is, does the quality of the dvd writing to Princo’s improve or is it just a case of Princo’s being crap media?

Anyway, sorry for the essay of a question. Look forward to getting some replies!


I have both of the drives you ask about and if I had to go with one I would choose the Pioneer 107D. I tend toward -R media and the 107 does a better job at this, based on my Kprobe scans. Also, there is a much better choice, at least in the US, of low cost reliable -R media choices (Ritek G04, Prodisc S03). If I had to get +R exclusively I would always be scrambling for a deal. Last, TY is the best media available to the consumer, and I believe that their -R is better than their +R.

Just my 2 cents.

Cool, another vote towards the Pioneer :slight_smile:
2 for Pioneer

What about the new Pioneer 108? It’s dual layer right? If they perform as good as the 107 then I might as well future proof myself (at least as long as that’s possible).

Anyone had any experiences with that drive yet?

-= Lotness =-

Not yet, but it’s on the market now in AU (108).

$ 182.00 so close to your limit :slight_smile:

I have also heard that the 108 firmware is buggy and I don’t know if I would go that way. Here, at least, I can get a 107D and a 832S both for under $150.

I’d go with the Pioneer if better DVD burning quality is your main criterion.
But they are ‘much of a muchness’ with the media you specified.
I just did a KP2 scan of a Princo disc burned with the Pioneer, and you’d swear the disc was better quality than a TY, but I’m getting similar (not as good) results on the 812@832 with Riteks G04’s and TY G01’s.
If you only have the 1 drive on which to play with, I’d go with the LiteOn.
Sacrifice a small amount of quality for some extra features.

Pioneer is better with economic -R disks, but LiteON is better (for me much better) with +R disks.

I know Princo guys. Buy Pioneer DVR-A05, DVR-A06, or DVR-A07 if you want to use the cheapest of the cheapest DVD-R media primarily. Princo DVD-RW media are also good with Pioneer burners though even Pioneer cannot make really bad-quality media to work properly if that’s the case.

Also, if you want to use very cheap DVD-R media primarily, don’t spend too much on DVR-A08 or the latest Lite-On drives because the extra cost is mostly due to the additions of 12x to 16x DVD+R writing and DVD+R DL writing. They have nothing to do with DVD-R writing.

4x DVD+R DL and 16x DVD+R/DVD-R writing features will become the norm very soon. There is no need for you or anyone else to spend too much on such early-adopting features at this moment unless you just want to be there first or test them for the betterment of knoweldge on forums in general. For me, I just like things that are ahead of the times so I buy 12x and 16x DVD writers and even will buy HD recorders and camcorders when the time seems more right than now.

The new A08/108 will burn DVD-R at 12x and 16x also. :iagree:

Hm. I meant DVD+R at 12x and 16x has nothing to do with DVD-R writing. Pioneer is THE DVD-R/DVD-RW company. In other words, I meant 12x to 16x DVD+R SL and 2.4x to 4x DVD+R DL writing features are just unnecessary complications if one just wants to use the drive to burn 4x DVD-R at 4x speed. :slight_smile:

That is one long sentence. Your post looks like mine!! You are correct though. If one just wants to use cheap 4x media there is no need for a 12x or 16x drive, because any cheap media burned at those speeds would be useless.

Jamos (and Kenshin) said:

… If one just wants to use cheap 4x media there is no need for a 12x or 16x drive, because any cheap media burned at those speeds would be useless.

Good point…, but not neccesarily!
Maybe I want to burn some backups of movies or DrWho episodes :stuck_out_tongue: to some el-cheapo media because I’m not too fussed about it.
But then maybe I want to be able to burn DL discs in a couple of months as the price of media comes down, and I’d rather not have to get another!! drive to get this capability.
Here’s a scenario:
My mate comes over and we’re talking movies at some stage, and I say to him “Hey I got this great movie, you should see”
Now he’s gotta go, ‘cause he’s runnin’ late and I burn him a copy in 4 mins not 14.
He gets home 10 minutes earlier, his missus doesn’t bash his ears :bigsmile: , and I rekon that the 108 saved his marriage, (and my original DVD from mistreatment)
Its not like the 108 is going to be released with a price of $700 or something,so you could justify getting it now, if now is when you need it, and paying $50-$100 more than you would in 4-6 months time. Otherwise you have to buy a 107 now for $150 and then spend $200 to get yourself a dual layer burning 108 or whatever.
There’s always a way to justify an unneccessary aquisition. That’s what I keep telling myself!!

What I suggested looks more like this:

Spend $50 now to use 4x DVD-R.

Spend $30 more in six months to use 4x DL and 16x SL.

That way, one can have one drive now and two drives including the first six months later for $80.

$30 is my own guess but I’ve been usually guessing right about such things. :slight_smile:

Ok, well here’s what I figured. I can get the Pioneer 107 for $137.50 (Australian dollars) and I’m limited to 4x burning with cheap media… that’s fine.

Or for $170.50 I Can get the Pioneer 108 which can still burn the cheap media at 4x I’m assuming, but can go faster with ease and also has dual layer support at 4x (which down the track will be the ‘cheap’ dual layer media speed… if that makes sense).

So realistically for the extra $33 I’m futureproofing myself for an extra while, which isn’t a bad idea. All that’s holding me back is that the 108 is so new and I’d like to hear some good reviews/reports on it before I purchase.

Thanks for all the help guys. :slight_smile: