Liteon or LG

I have a Lite On 40125S only weeks old and i have a LG drd-8120b dvd-rom . When im reading i always use the LG am i correct in doing this or should i use the liteon for reading and writing. Or is there some protections i should use the lg for and some i should use the liteon for…


Send me some games and blank cd,s to test then…

If you dont know the answer then DONT answer

Dear mr. red lion
Iwas having trouble with the site so I decided to test my reply capabilities, and your thread was the one I happend to choose.
I apologize for the inconvience.
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as for your question
if I were you I would use the faster of the two drives for reading.
Good Luck

sorry mate dident know. my apolagies(sorry about the spelling but you will know what i mean). my friends tell me to read and write with the same drive but i prefer to read with the dvd-rom and write with the liteon …why i asked the question was that do you get a better copy if you read and write with the same drive…

As long as the drive can read the CD-ROM without problems it doesn’t make any difference :bigsmile:
But you might experience that in some cases one of your 2 drives is better in reading certain CD-Rs :confused:
When the reading is fine with the DVD drive there’s no reason at all to use the other drive for it :smiley:

My setup is a LiteON LTD-163D DVD-ROM and a LiteON 40125S overclocked to 48125W. When copying regular (un-protected) CDs, I usually just run drive to drive, and when copying CDs with copy protections, I read and write with the burner. I have always had better success with burner-reading on copy-protected CDs, if for speed if nothing else.