LiteOn officially released CS0M

Just found out on the LiteOn website, the official release of CS0M:

:smiley: Leo

Still the same bad feeling everytimes when the new
firmware released for the new drive…

Where is the official New 1633 Firmware…?
LiteOn, Did you hear…?

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@ Talon88

LiteOn Americas never came out with BS42, and it was last Christmas that BS0S came out. It looks like the development of new firmwares for our drives has been terminated, but we are in luck to be able (thanks to the CodeGuys) to use a wealth of firmware for the 1653, a drive that never reached the North American market. Now that I’m running CS0M I don’t care about that anymore, but nevertheless I would certainly try out BS0(x) if it ever came out. Still hoping LiteOn cares for their customers.

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Has anyone checked if there are any differences in the Offical and the Non Official CSOM???

liteon is working on new firmwares for 1653s (latest: CS0P). i doubt that they will release a new 1633s firmware… and as long as i can crossflash with 53s fw, i don’t care.

How do you Know about CS0P firmware ? -Is it possible find a test version like “CSTP” ?

@ Gary Kokkin

OC-Freak mentioned this in his review of the 1673, see this post:

As I did read that I also doubt that there will be any new firmwares for the 1633. But I’m happy they still improve firmwares for the 1653!

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Well I am still hoping for BS42 as when I crossflash my 1633 to 1653 FW my burner will not read a pressed DVD and I use it for ripping, I have tried the crossflash numerous times, reset learned media and the same thing happens with the pressed DVD read. C0deKing does great work with the F/W but for some reason my burner won’t work properly with the CJxx FW. So I am hoping that they will release this Firmware sooner or later and for now I will stick with BS41. Not holding my breath though. :slight_smile: