Liteon official flasher

“CDFreaks generally recommends using the official flasher for updating to a newer firmware version.”

Where do I find the official flasher. I cannot find any links on the Liteon site only a download of the bit setter for DVD+R media. I want to update my 411s from fso2 to fsof firmware. Is fsof generally seen as the best all round firmware at the moment? I want to burn Datasafe x2.5 (ritec dye) DVD+RW and Infiniti X2 DVD-R. Thanks Rob

Hi rob,

The official flashers refer to the exe files found on the firmware update page at the liteon website.

The exe contains the flasher and the flash update binaries.

The other flashers can be found on the cdfreaks forums.

FS0F is pulled from the liteon website. The latest version is FS0J. Have no problems with it so far… Leave me a PM with your email ID if you can’t find the official FS0F.exe elsewhere.


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For latest firmware (recommended if you primarily use +R media, for -R stick with FS0F/HS0E) find the newest official exe flashers here.

To get old firmware try a search for FS0F.bin or HS0E.bin and use the LtnFW program found in the tools sticky (link also in my sig).
Don’t worry about checking the update bootcode option.

Thanks xtise and sseth, updated to fsof with no problem,a bit nerveracking first time but soo simple (providing nothing goes wrong ) Rob

Glad we could help :bigsmile: