LiteOn OEM firmware


I have found a new firmware file for the LDW-811S OEM drive. It also supports bitsetting. Has any1 tested it yet? Maybe there are more changes and bugfixes.

BTW, has any1 tested the Teac firmware yet? I know that these OEM firmwares are probably worthless, but who knows? At least Teac has got a good reputation.

Maybe you could explain what you’re talking about a little better…

I was wondering if these OEM firmwares offer any improvements over the original LiteOn firmwares. And I was asking if any1 has tested that yet. I just flashed to HSG8 and it is from 14.1.04. If you need the binary of HSG8, I can send it to you.

HSG8 from 4KUS, I assume?

I don’t see any reason why the Teac H4S2 firmware would be worth trying.

I tested HSG8 from 4kus. Bitsetting works fine - as expected. In addition, it seems to have improved the writing quality on my Princo 4x DVD-Rs. With HS0K, I got an average pi level of over 1000. With HSG8, it decreased to about 800. HS0P was even worse. On the other hand, these discs play flawlessly on my standalone player - regardless of the firmware.