LiteON Newbie

Hi everybody

been reading on the liteon forum for some time now but i’ve just bought myself a new SOHW-1633S :bow: :bow: :bow:
to replace my old Sony DRU-510A and from what i can tell seems alot better with media than my last drive. Now i can join in on the fun :bow:

The 1633S came with firmware BS06 so i upgraded to BS0G and now BS0H which i’ve currently omni patched (thanks to all that made that possible)

when i bought the drive i only got one +R (RICHOHJPNR01) and one -R (RITEKG04) so i went out and picked up some more discs, but in the area i live all i can seem to find are -R :frowning: ordering online for me is not possible.

so the -R discs i got were Rivision (RITEKG04) and DataWrite GreyTop (FUJIFILM03)

i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get some RICHOHJPNR01’s from i live in the UK, does anyone know what brands this mediacode goes under e.g TDK, TRAXDATA

I would show some scans but i’m new to all of this and i dont have kprobe, plus i’ve never used it before. so i will be doing some more reading on the topic.

Anyway is there any recommended strategy Replacements for (FUJIFILM03) i’m currenty using stock strategy in the BS0H firmware.

Sorry If any of this sounds stupid, like i said i’m new to this and any help would be great :slight_smile:

I buy from the below sources, maybe one of them is near enough to you to do a pickup since you can’t buy online…? My last lot of Arita discs from Rambox (Silver top) were RICOHJPNR01, and every discs has been perfect at 8x with my Lite-ON 832S @ CG3B and 851S@832S with CG3B firmware…

Hi GristyMcFisty and thanks for the reply

I had a look on the site’s you mentioned, i also noticed on
that they sell Mirror Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) do you know if it’s fake or not, kind of new to buying quality discs.

Also i found on the same site the Arita discs you mentioned, but now they have blue tops instead of silver.
which were you refering to were they the 4X speed or the 8X speed ? :confused:

If there are also any other good +R brands or media codes that you have used and got good results do tell.