LiteOn Nero DVD+RW Booktype Bug Solution / Workaround

After much frustration and several days I’ve figured out a bug that I have with my Lite-On burner (451s) and NERO I have found reference to this bug in only a couple posts.

When burning PREVIOUSLY recorded DVD+RW’s with NERO the Lite-On booktype utility WILL NOT set the booktype correctly. On unused DVD+RWs the booktype is set correctly. After much testing it appears the problem is actually with Nero, because other programs set the booktype correctly.

Re-formatting both quick and full in Nero and all combinations in DVDInfoPro will not solve the problem.

I stumbled across a solution that has worked for the past 4 DVD+RW’s I recorded on. Apparently Nero doesn’t touch the booktype on a formatted DVD, and does not set the booktype to the desired set in the utility when you reformat. To burn PREVIOUSLY recorded DVD+RW’s and successfully set the booktype do the following:

  1. Open the LITEON-BOOKTYPE utility, and set the booktype to DVD-ROM or desired booktype. Close the utility.

  2. Open Nero.

  3. Open DVDINFO-PRO (You can get it free from )

  4. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and open the Task Manager (Click on task manager button). Click on the tab labeled PROCESSES. Find the process labeled DVDInfo.exe. Click on the process so that it is highlighted.

  5. Leave the process table open, and go back to the DVDINFO PRO program. In there, click on the icon with the pencil writing on a DVD. Its the button that FORMATS the DVD. A screen will pop up asking you to format. Select FAST FORMAT.


Click on the GO button which will start a quick format. When the format status bar reaches 34%, switch back to the PROCESS TABLE in the task manager. Click on the previously highlighted DVDInfo.exe and then click on the END PROCESS button. This will kill the DVDInfo Pro program in the middle of the format. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS BEFORE THE FORMAT IS COMPLETE.

  1. Now go back to Nero, and burn whatever DVD you want!!! The result if done correctly will be the desired booktype. In my case, DVD-ROM!!!

-The Toaster

shouldn’t this be in the nero forum?

as far as i had problems with the combination of it and my 811 and 411 drives so i went back to

in my case the bug was that i couldn’t make an audio cd out of mp3s