LiteOn nearly burned/smoked up :-((

Smelly thing happend:
I tryed to over burn a 101min file on a 99.59min CD with Nero.
My OC LTR40125W/LTR48125W started to burn 4%, just lead in, and then gave full speed (very loud noise)! When I came back after 2 minutes the room was smelling like my Liteon burns out and he still had 4% at full speed, I triggerd the plug as nothing else stoped him!!
Is this normal with logic problem, as I figured out the most he can write is 99.59min?
(this is not a Nero problem I asume so I posted here)
WATTOMS from Germany

just curious…

does your drive still work?
could you see something strange on the disk??

Dear Sir,
it still works but I had a small shock that I coult not stop it without the pulled plug.
Best regards WATTOMS

dear sir???

lol…nice to hear…hahaha

i know the feeling…i am in that shock every week…lol

Yes had the same happening to my LTR-32123S once. It locked up at full speed and would not stop.

But there was no smell or smoke or anything like that…

101 minutes is to much data, that’s why it happened.

My experience with 99min discs is thatt 99min is MAX not even 99,5 minutes will go.