LITEON Model Naming Rule -New~

Liteonit model name naming rule.:flower:

SOHC-5236V is a combo drive. “V” pickup vender?

wat’s sohw 802s then?

hmm so SHW-16H5S does not fit into above naming scheme or it should be treated as SHW-16(0)H5S then ?

it says “Optional” for the “0” part of the drivename.

I’m confused with modern Lite-On models.
Going to get DH-20A4P and found at least 3 different (?) drives


What’s the difference?

it’s just packaging and/or bezel color, e.g retail, bulk, black cover, grey cover…
the drive’s hardware is the same.

as far as i know:
05C: bulk grey
06C: bulk black
21C: same as 06C

but i’m not 100% sure.

Thank you :slight_smile: