LiteOn Madness

I have trired and tried to get a LiteOn Model SHW-160P6S installed into a box running Windows XP SP2 home edition. The hardware is listed in the device manager as working correctly. It will not read any type of music or software CD’s or movie DVD’s.

System has Intel Celeron 3.2GHz processor and 1G RAM. Since it won’t read any discs I can’t load the NERO or PowerDVD software that came with it.

I noticed deep in the spec that a Pentium 4 or better processor was listed. Will this not work with the Celeron???

Thanks for your comments. :confused:

Hi and welcome!

Make sure, that the jumpers are set correctly in accordance to your configuration. Also Double-check the cable.

To sort out system issues, get a bootable CD and try booting your system from that drive. If that fails, too, than return this drive to the vendor as it is probably defective.

You can btw totally ignore any processor specs mentioned on the box, the drive should even work with an old PIII/500 or similar.


Here is the Microsoft KB reference to CD-Burner issues with SP2 Had problems with a Lite-On drive until I installed this fix.

Fixed your link…

Thanks! I apologise for the error.