LiteON LXR-42101A adapter



I am thinking about buying the external LiteOn LXR-24101A USB 2.0 burner and many reviews done on this model say that one can connect the burner thru a firewire port instead of USB 2.0 but the accessories to do this is optional. I searched all over the Internet to find these accessories but I cannot find them anywhere. Does anybody know where I can get a LXR-24101A with the optional firewire accessories? If anybody has the firewire accessories, please tell me where you bought it from. Thanx a bunch!!


Sorry I’ve never seen it sold either but it’s listed at the Lite-On page as an option…

Strange though that it’s not sold anywhere…


I also contacted LiteOn tech support regarding this issue and they simply told me to contact a cable vendor for the IDE to Firewire cable. I made a search for this type of cable and the only things that I got was the internal drive inclosures that convert internal drives to external drives. I cannot buy the inclosure because the LXR-42101A burner is specifically designed as an external burner where the loading mechanism is different from the traditional motorized tray. LiteON does not even sell a cable like this but does post in the specification that this is an accessory that is optional. I am just wondering if anybody has this specific drive if they know anything about these optional accessories.:confused: