LiteOn lxr-40122a

I’m a first time poster so please forgive me if i make any mistakes. Yes I have read the FAQ.

Summary of this very long winded message: my machine crashes when i try to burn.

I have a pentium II laptop with 64 mb ram (please keep reading) running win 98se.

I bought a USB2 card because my USB port got broken and i needed a usb port for my printer. Because i had a USB2 port someone bought me a LiteOn lxr-40122a external writer for christmas. I wasnt sure if it would work with just 64 mb RAm, but i thought i would give it a go. I set it up no problem and it reads CDs fine. I installed the copy of Nero 5 which came with the drive and it seemed to install correctly.

The trouble comes when i try to burn. I did my first attempt from wav files i had saved on the computer from an audio CD onto a standard CD rom at 40x and it seemed to be working up to track 6. Then the screen hung and the green and red lights both stayed lit on the writer. I rebooted the computer and took the disc out of the writer and the first 6 tracks play fine in my hi-fi. I took another blank disc and tried again, this time reducing the burn speed to 20x. Same problem (this time after two tracks). I tried a third time and had the same problem at 12x. I then decided to save money and use a rewritable cd and alter the settings each time. I altered the ultrabuffer (whatever that is) and the cache size. No difference. I took the speed down to 4x. No difference. Is it just that my computer is too old, or is there hope?

I dont mind so much about speed, i just want to be able to burn a cd. Is it possible to set nero so that the session isnt closed when the machine crashes - then i can add the missing tracks. How else can improve the situation? Would more RAM help (and is it cheap and easy to fit?)?


is your ASPI layer installed and working?
search google for forceaspi

i don’t think the hardware is the problem. it should be able to work. my friend has a backup pc, a P2 266, 64 MB desktop with a TDK (plex) 12x burner and it’s fine. So at 4x, you should have been ok too I think

I think it’s your USB card that produce these symptoms, try to find some updated drivers for it if it’s avalible. LiteOn’s have had (and may still have) a way of not liking controller-cards… Maybe you have a friend with USB 2.0 integrated on the mobo, and you can test the writer there… If it’s not working, the drive’s probably faulty.

I upgraded the firmware, upgraded the aspi layer and upgraded the cardbus drivers but i’m still getting the same problem. Can someone talk me through the next logical steps to sort this out? I’ve also tried ‘disable USB performance enhancement’ on the lite-on properties window, and have tried swapping the USB cable to the other spare USB2 port. I have also tried burning without smart-burn ticked in the Nero settings and have fiddled with the cache size and ultrabuffer size as i said above.

What would you do next?

since my previous post I have tried unplugging my printer from the other USB2 port, turning off auto insert notification and ‘disconnect’ in device manager, renaming scsi1hlp.vxd, uninstalling an mp3 ripper i had on the machine and running a windows uhcd update - all to no avail (these were ideas i got from searching for similar queries at cdfreaks). After turning off AIN i got to 92% before crashing, but only once. At the moment the crash is happening at about 3%. I tried a data file rather than audio and that got to 78%.


have you tried other software to see if it’s a nero issue?
try alcohol120% or clone cd blindwrite…

do you have roxio ezcdcreator installed? that and nero didn’t use to play well together. (don’t know if they fixed it in later versions)

i can now burn from audio cds by using the ‘copy CD’ function. i uninstalled CD Ripper and then uninstalled and reinstalled nero. It now burns using the CD Copy feature (which is all i want for the moment) but still crashes if i try to copy files from the computer. Just thought i would update you guys. Any advice on how to stop the crashes the rest of the time would be useful. Small files seem to burn ok, but not anything over 100m or so.

I have a strange hybrid system using English Win98 with an internet explorer updated to 6 using a french update (because thats where i live), so many explorer functions appear in french - could this be a problem (i have tried switching the nero language to french, but it still crashes).